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Speeding Tickets!


Free Book - BUSTED: Proven Tips to Avoid and Fight Speeding Tickets


I do have to admit, speeding tickets really stink.  I got one coming back from Jackson Hole Wyoming from a killer boarding trip in 2003.  Yeah, it was a State Trooper.  

Then my luck really went south.  I was heading to our cabin, on Lake Cascade, 3 months later and I got nailed again.  That really stunk.  You see, this stinks because I was a police officer for 6 years and now I am receiving what I used to give out.  

So I understand that it stinks but I know how to beat them.  But for all of you who visit my web, you may not know.  Now I do not have the time to write a book on how to avoid or beat them but I did some research to forward to you.  Yeah I found just what I would have written.  "Busted"

Click here to receive your own FREE copy of "BUSTED".  Scroll to the bottom of the site this link takes you to and you will see the link for the free download of "BUSTED: Proven Tips to Avoid and Fight Speeding Tickets." I downloaded it then read it.  The author knows his stuff and you will not regret the read.  A must have before you get the ticket.

If you were unlucky enough to get a DUI, I have located this site to help you out.  Click Here

The free ebook download is filled with information Strength-N-Speed will not make public on this site including:


8 Top Tips to avoid a speeding ticket


What to look for on your ticket


Do any excuses actually work?


When the officer asks you if you know why he pulled you over, you should always say this...


...and never say this...


Nolo Contendre or Not Guilty - do you know which you MUST use?


13 ticket defense myths that simply will not work - despite what people sell you and tell you - Rely on any of these and your insurance company will thank you.


Should you use an expert witness?


An actual trial transcript where the defendant, a registered nurse, destroyed the prosecution and beat her speeding ticket by using the information contained in Case Dismissed.

Click to order Case Dismissed or receive a FREE copy of "Busted".

Case Dismissed begins where BUSTED ends.  BUSTED helps you avoid tickets and gives you some background on what to do if you get pulled over for speeding.

If you already have a ticket and want to fight it (and we absolutely recommend fighting every speeding ticket) Case Dismissed prepares you with the legal strategies you need to win.  It's guaranteed.

Strength-N-Speed will email you the book if you do not want to click the link.  Just enter you Full Name and Email below and the free book will be forwarded to you.


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Last but not least I cannot stand the polygraph.  Being exposed to it in law enforcement I know how it has failed and continues to be used.  Click here to learn how to beat a polygraph.

Oh, last but not least again.  Being a former police officer, I know radar detectors do not work.  Do not fool yourself and do not waste your money on them.  If you would like to know why they do not work just send me an email requesting so.  Click here for email.


"How do I find a good lawyer?" And "Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg?"

Good questions. I recently found an answer that beats looking through the Yellow Pages and hoping you don't get hosed.

If you are considering an attorney to help you fight your speeding ticket, check out the web site below. They have lawyers in virtually every state (not in New Hampshire right now) with lots of experience fighting tickets.

Hope this helps you,


Chris Berry 2003

Speeding Tickets!