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Berry Cabin
Allen Cabin
Brown Cabin



By rich back country wilderness, lakes, rivers, and forests.  You will never run out of things to do, places to explore, and beauty to see.

Area Recreation

The North Fork of the Payette River, with its world-class kayaking rapids, flows to the south of Cascade. A challenging nine-hole golf course graces the southeast shore of the reservoir. During the winter 800 miles of groomed snowmobile trails are available in the area.



Authentic Log cabin. 3 bedroom 1.5 bath that sleeps eight....

Enjoy a fire pit outside. 

Cabin sits on a 1/2 acre lot next to the Allen Cabin.

Cabin is located 12 lots from the Tamarack Resort.

Enjoy a view of the mountains and a partial view of Cascade Lake.

1 minute travel to the Tamarack Resort.

Videos are large AVI files so be patient on download times.  Thank you.

Video Tour of Grounds. Video 1Video 2Video 3

Video Tour of Cabins and SettingVideo 1Video 2

General Photos

Cabin Entrance.jpg (243395 bytes)

Welcome to the Lake.jpg (119398 bytes)

Cabin Entrance

Welcome to the Lake

Fire.jpg (209140 bytes)

Log Cabin Winter 1.jpg (275167 bytes)

The camp fire.  Built by Brooke and Makenna.

March 1, 2004

Summer Time Photos


Other accomodations.jpg (95999 bytes)

Lake Cascade.JPG (437055 bytes)

Log Cabin 2.jpg (279916 bytes)

Other accommodations nearby

Cascade Lake across from the cabins (Boat access 1/2 mile away)

Another angle of log cabin

Log Cabin.jpg (251570 bytes)

Lake Cascade  from Cabin.JPG (508527 bytes)

Tamarack Cabin.jpg (319439 bytes)

log cabin

Another view of Cascade lake

log cabin

Winter Time Photos

Tamarack Resort.jpg (113555 bytes)

Cat Skiing Tamarack.jpg (72863 bytes)

Pump house feb 2004.jpg (406676 bytes)

Resort and ski hill

Cat Skiing

Pump house taking on snow Feb 2004

Cabin in winter 1.jpg (193704 bytes)

Tamarack runs.jpg (209146 bytes)

Cabin Feb 2004.jpg (624149 bytes)

Log Cabin Nov 21 2003

Ski Runs Feb 10, 2004

Let it snow

Cabin in winter.jpg (708322 bytes)

Cabin Feb 2004 2.jpg (584788 bytes)

The lake in November.jpg (84491 bytes)

Log cabin Jan 14 2004

Lob Cabin Feb 1, 2004

Cascade Lake in November.  Right across from the cabins

Setting of Cabin.jpg (320106 bytes)

Driveway feb 2004.jpg (721856 bytes)

House setting.jpg (336364 bytes)

A view of the log cabin setting in November

Drive way to cabins Feb 2004

A view of the setting of the house in November

Interior Photos

Interior Log Cabin 1.jpg (277615 bytes)

Interior Log Cabin 8.JPG (287911 bytes)

Interior Log Cabin 2.jpg (308835 bytes)

Log Cabin downstairs bedroom

Log cabin laundry room

Log cabin living room

Interior Log Cabin 3.JPG (325975 bytes)

Interior Log Cabin 7.JPG (294725 bytes)

Interior Log Cabin 4.JPG (402980 bytes)

Log Cabin dining and kitchen

Log cabin downstairs bathroom

Log cabin stove

Interior Log Cabin 5.jpg (267284 bytes)

Interior Log Cabin 6.JPG (234725 bytes)

Log cabin upstairs bedroom


Log cabin upstairs bedroom 2



Chris Berry 2003

Berry Cabin


Tamarack Idaho

First all season resort to be authorized and permitted in the US in more than 20 years. 

Located 100 miles north of Boise, west of Donnelly, and on the shores of Lake Cascade. 

The pedestrian formatted Village will feature restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and other services. Construction of the Village will begin in summer of 2004.  Grading and excavating has already begun.



McCall is a small resort community nestled on the shore of beautiful Payette Lake and is known as one of Idaho's most popular resorts. McCall was founded as a timber town and has grown into a popular year round destination. Located 100 miles north of Boise, McCall is just a two-hour drive along the Payette River Scenic Byway from it's gateway city. McCall is home to Brundage Mountain, Ponderosa State Park, the U.S. Forest Service Smokejumper Base, and the annual Winter Carnival. McCall offers something for everyone through out the year.